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And you said you'd do great things...

Day 18 - Campsite 400.8km to Snoqualmie Pass
Living ultralife
After yesterday's incredible hike, it would've been hard to top it, but for some reason, I'm on a roll. 
I woke to this spectacular sunrise which reflected its beauty off Mt Rainier. It really is a monster of a mountain and I'm obsessed with it. I just stop and stare. It forces me to pause and breathe the air around me. And then I can't control my smile. It's as if I actually have trouble believing I am standing right there at that moment. In a world where we are building towers, escalators and elevators to get us to spectacular views, outlooks or revolving restaurants, I'm seeing it from higher! I've actually walked and climbed higher than that is even possible. My legs, will power and mind have got me to this point. How incredible my body really is. Grateful.

The morning took me immediately around Joe Lake with a beautiful morning sunshine. It was still a little upclimb, but my hiker legs are a…

The Gratitude Cafe part 2.

DAY 14 - Skykomish to tensite 308.9 km
Like a good book

Almost a Nero day... nearly a zero. Leaving town is hard. Damn hard. You wake up to a deflated ego. Your dream day yesterday is a distant memory, and that ruck sack sitting by the door needs to be repacked and thrown back on your shoulders and hips to attempt to hike another 3975km to Mexico! It's soul destroying. I take a moment to think about how I feel waking up on a double show Sunday of an 8 show week and 5 show weekend, and times that by 75 (because let's be honest,  people are dying in the world, so 100 is drastic). That's what it feels like. One does not want to actually move or attempt life. The trail is not what one would call inviting. Leaving behind the bed, the clean sheets, the flushing toilet, the shower, the bath, the sink, the roof and the chair all for the mosquitoes, biting flies, the painful uphills, the foot/knee destroying downhills, carrying 7litres of water, the dirt, the sun burn, the digging ca…

Sleeping with butterflies

ZERO DAY - Skykomish
Ideally an uneventful day. That's what I wanted. I awoke around 8:30 (strangely the body tried 5:30, I told it to grow up and go back to sleep). Started the day with essential laundry. Keyword ESSENTIAL. Along with the beloved shower, laundromat is a hikers best friend. Get yo ass quickly to that part of town and start washing! Do not skip the detergent.
Skykomish is beautiful. A gorgeous river running right through the town. Another winner of a little town. I love it. Strange how I love the little things in life. I think I've always been this way. The small town girl who has the big city goals. It doesn't really go hand in hand, but maybe balance is what I require.

The morning consisted of errands; mainly picking up resupply postage boxes and shipping out the ice axe and crampons. I hope to god I do not require them in the next section, but in other news, I dropped 4lbs of back pack weight by shipping them to Houston! Hooray for less weight. 

Town day/zer…

As sure as the stars in the sky up above

DAY 13 - Peach lake campsite to Skykomish
Like sleeping with the lights on
Town day. You know when you have something really exciting or important on tomorrow and for some reason your body is so happy to keep you awake or restless? It's almost as if you are attempting to shut eye with every light in the room left on. That's what hiking 'town day' feels like!! It's the best and worst mental state to begin your day at! Haha! Town day is the final day of the last stretch, which means you will be in a town by the end of the day to pick up your resupply. (AND SHOWER!! SOAP!! SHAMPOO!!) It's so incredibly exciting and such an attainable goal; however, you still have 27.5kms to walk to the highway - then hitch! It can be soul crushing, but so thrilling. What a treat! But the most challenging part of that is teaching yourself not to think about the end result. It's the journey, right? How naff! But in all honesty, all those quotes about 'it's not about the de…