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DAY 42 & Day 43 & Zero day - Fish Lake to Grizzly Creek to Callahans Lodge to Ashland 
I have officially been given my trail name! It's only taken 800 miles, but I wasn't settling for being named after condiments, food or something in my pack. 
On the trail, you are given a trail name. A name that says something about you. It's a thru hiking tradition and something most people just pick up quite early on. 

North bounders are christened almost immediately on trail. There is roughly 50 people a day over a 2-3 month period who start northbound. The trail culture is full on. There's a lot of partying early throughout the desert and groups start to form easily. There's an abundance of individuals heading north, as it's the more popular route. Things slow down a little when they realise they have to get to Canada before it snows, so then the hiking begins. I could just see myself wanting solitude as a Nobo and needing a lot of space. 
Of course, I chose South bou…

The Gratitude Cafe Part 4

DAY 31 & zero day - Dirt road campsite to Cascade Locks to Portland 
Make a brand new ground
And then it rained... The definition of divine. My, oh my, how I have missed the rain. After being drenched in it 8 times a week in Singin' In The Rain, I did not realise how much it does not bother me anymore and how much I genuinely missed it. It was a blessing to be hiking in the rain today. 
It was almost as if I needed it. A cleanse. On my last day hiking in Washington! I had 20 miles to get to the border of Washington and Oregon, and it was as if the world was cleansing me of this beautiful section of the USA. 

The air was crisp and full of moisture obviously. I loved hiking in this wet so much today. Some people were dreading it as I passed them, but I was lapping it up. It was cooling. It was fresh. It was clean. Everything about the rain is a symbolic experience for me. Especially after dealing with it for so long. I could not have wanted my final day in Washington to have been an…