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The Gratitude Cafe Pt 8

DAY 70 - Mammoth lakes to Cascade Valley Junction
High Sierras starts now! My stop in Mammoth had myself and my mum and dad putting our heads together to figure out what best way to do this next section. I'm solo again and the Sierras are summits, peaks and passes, day after day, ranging between 10,000 to 13,500 feet. It's cold at this elevation, so we sat down and talked gear. And LIGHTWEIGHT.
This is the hardest part. Keeping yourself warm but keeping everything ultralight. Ultralight means ultra thin! It's kind of the opposite of what you want for warmth. And of course, ultralight that actually has warmth is EXPENSIVE! It's a whole next level market of hiking. 
I'm attempting to carry 10 days of food to get through this section. It's a lot of climbs and with a lot of food, it immediately becomes heavy weight! So, I went shopping. 
Down booties, down pants, merino wool beanie, gloves, balaclava, I made a DIY tyvek sleeping bag bivvy to go over my sleeping bag for…