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The Gratitude Cafe Part 6

DAY 51, 52, 53 - Burney falls Campground to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch to campsite 2028.64km to Hat creek Campsite
Yep. Blogging has been slack these last 3 days. I'm going to play full disclosure here and admit that these last few days have been tough. I'll post a lot of pictures  with this post, to accompany what the days have looked like, but I'll explain a little further into why this has been a little difficult. 
But first, Burney Falls. A magnificent way to begin a day. The water pelted down at 7am with an incredible morning mist. Part of me wished I could just sit and watch these falls all day, but hiking calls because the time frame to get to the Sierras is looming.

I am approaching the mid point of the trail soon. This might explain the mind frame and the struggle I am dealing with at the moment. A reminder of the miles to go is a more prominent thing throughout California so far. Signage has been much more frequent and it strikes both a happy and sad emotion within…