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I walk on water

It’s taken me sometime to gain the strength to write about what I am about to address. It’s very personal, it’s very difficult and I would be an absolute fool to not admit that it has stifled me in every aspect of my career. But, as lonely as I have felt in my situation, I know I am not; and I only hope that there is some catharsis amongst all of this and that this allows me to accept what has gone on and be able to remove the nonsensical pressure I feel from myself, my loved ones and those who follow me. I realise I never truly addressed the main reason I took a rather long walk in the woods. Aside from it being the most incredibly testing thing I have ever done, I look back at my time on the PCT and laugh to myself thinking how I completed such an unimaginable thing. Yet, I never questioned that I wouldn’t complete it. For 5 months, it was amazing to not think about what I am about to divulge. It was a distraction and something that could put my situation into perspective. However, s…