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PCT SOBO 2017 Gear List

I'll continue to update/edit/delete/add to this list as I pack my bag this week. Items in blue are being shipped out to further places along the trail (Sierras etc) after their first use or being shipped to the Bro. I haven't added total weights yet. I will do that when I have final numbers.

THE BIG 3 (plus mattress and bag liner)

Osprey Aura 65 AG Backpack2000 gTo hold everything MSR Hubba NX Tent1398 gTo sleep inSea to Summit SP2 Sleeping Bag464 gTo sleep inKathmandu Sleeping Bag Liner256 gTo line my sleeping bag (Cold Sleeper)Thermarest NeoAir XLite Regular350 gTo sleep on

CLOTHING (to wear)

Darn Tough MicroCrew Socks68 gTo wear (alternate with other pair)Onzie Bra37 gTo wearMountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket224 gTo wearBonds MicroFibre Mini Gee5 gOne pair to wear (alternate with other pairs)Icebreaker Beanie

Inkings & notions

What? Where? When? Why?
I can hear the questions already. Why not? I believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes things don't require an explanation right now. The PCT calls for different reasons for each individual. I like a challenge. I love the outdoors. I love to travel. I love to explore. And more than anything, I'm on a new journey. This is just an extreme start.

The PCT 2017 has been absolutely snow packed, so us Southbounders (SOBO) crew are having to push start dates back, meaning we have to up our mileage by roughly 2 - 3 weeks to make it through the Sierra's in California around the first week of October, so as to avoid the early bad weather turn that happens pre-winter. Because of the El Ninõ year, snow is still heavily packed through Washington and we are currently waiting for the melt off so we can hit the trail as soon as possible. My start date leaving from Harts Pass in July 12th, heading north to touch the Canadian border Terminus/Monument, the…