Sometimes I don't wanna feel those metal clouds

Sometimes bodies just don't. They don't do what they are supposed to. They don't love you no matter how good you are to it. They don't respond the way they should. My health has been on a decline for some time now and after seeking even higher professional testing (with doctor number 6) and a long, long journey of struggle for 2 years, I have been finally been given a diagnosis. I'm not going into detail because this blog is not about that. So after making some incredibly difficult career and medical decisions, I have decided to take the next 6-12 months to allow my body to fully recuperate and get myself back to good health.

So, what does one do?

A 5 month solo thru-hike of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) Southbound.
Yes. 4,279 km (2,659 miles). The Canadian border to the Mexican Border. Highest elevation 13,153 ft.
PCT Pacific Crest Trail
Now - to put that in Australian perspective...

Pacific Crest Trail comparison to Australia

It will take roughly 5 months, depending on seasons, rain and snow fail. I'll experience 4 extreme seasonal changes walking through the wilderness in each state. Snow, alpine, ice, rain, high winds, storms, desert, sierras, forest, rivers, creeks, lakes, mountains, including all the lovely (scary) wildlife that comes with those terrains. I'll be tenting and camping out on the trail, or staying in hostels or bunk at peoples houses when able to hitch hike or catch a ride to resupply locations. The planning has begun and I'll update as I go. 

So, cheers to finding my health, purpose and perspective, finding hope and faith, discovering life through adventure, finding self-love and gaining simplicity again. 



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