PCT SOBO 2017 Gear List

I'll continue to update/edit/delete/add to this list as I pack my bag this week. Items in blue are being shipped out to further places along the trail (Sierras etc) after their first use or being shipped to the Bro. I haven't added total weights yet. I will do that when I have final numbers.


THE BIG 3 (plus mattress and bag liner)

MSR Hubba NX tent (one person)
  • Osprey Aura 65 AG Backpack2000 gTo hold everything
  • MSR Hubba NX Tent1398 gTo sleep in
  • Sea to Summit SP2 Sleeping Bag464 gTo sleep in
  • Kathmandu Sleeping Bag Liner256 gTo line my sleeping bag (Cold Sleeper)
  • Thermarest NeoAir XLite Regular350 gTo sleep on

CLOTHING (to wear)

  • Darn Tough MicroCrew Socks68 gTo wear (alternate with other pair)
  • Onzie Bra37 gTo wear
  • Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket224 gTo wear
  • Bonds MicroFibre Mini Gee5 gOne pair to wear (alternate with other pairs)
  • Icebreaker Beanie48 gTo wear
  • Merino Long Sleeve Top51 gTo wear
  • 2XU compression socks65 gTo wear
  • Kathmandu driMotion shorts116 gTo wear
  • Gaiters56 gLycra/Spandex homemade
  • Merino Long Sleeve151 gTo wear
  • Nike Cap0 gTo wear
  • Gloves0 gLiners + Gloves

Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Neoshell


  • Lowa Renegade Mid GTX Women's993 gHiking Boots (wearing through Washington snow)
  • Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Neoshell235 gTrail Runner (shipping to Oregon - wearing from Oregon onwards, purchasing another 2 or 3 pairs as I go)
  • XERO Shoes289 gTo wear for camp & river crossings

CLOTHING (Sleeping & extras)

  • Neck Scarf/Face Shield/UV Buff25 gTo wear
  • Kathmandu Lightweight skirt (adjusted length)138 gTo wear at camp (laundry day)
  • Bandana Pink25 gFor head
  • Darn Tough MicroCrew Socks68 gTo wear (alternate)
  • Icebreaker Beanie48 gTo wear
  • Gondwana Lightweight Women's Shirt170 gTo wear (Desert and warm days)
  • Bonds MicroFibre Mini Gee20 g3 x to wear alternating
  • Merino Long Sleeve Top151 gSleep wear
  • Merino Pants x 2151 gSleep wear & day wear
  • Merino Socks84 gSleep wear
  • The North Face Rain Jacket Ventura272 gThe wear when it rains/wind breaker

Petzl Glacier Ice Axe 68cm


  • Osprey Extra Large Rain Pack Cover110 gTo cover my pack
  • She Wee20 gTo pee
  • Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife73 gSurvival (to be worn)
  • Towel (cut in 1/2)71 gWash up
  • Grivel AirTech Light New Classic Crampons590 gFor snow (sending out after WA)
  • Fizan Escape Hiking Poles x 2490 gYes, I know. That's death weight, but not pack weight .
  • Petzl Glacier Ice Axe with Rope430 gFor snow (sending out after WA)
  • Whistle10 g
  • Bandana Green25 gPee Rag
  • Compass47 gNavigation


Grivel Air Tech Light New Classic Crampons
  • RAVPower iSmart 16750mAh Battery Pack309 gTo charge my electrical equipment (Resupplying every 7-10days, need power.)
  • iPhone 7+ w/ Case214 gTo use as GPS & communicate
  • iPhone 5s113 gTo use as backup GPS
  • FujiFilm XP178 gTo film & take pics
  • USB to MicroUSB Cord 10"9 gTo charge battery pack, headlamp and camera.
  • Apple Lightning Cable19 gTo charge both iPhones
  • Black Diamond Iota Headlamp53 gTo use as night light (USB charged)

MSR Pocket Rocket 2


  • Sea to Summit Spork and Knife17 gTo eat
  • Pocket Rocket 274 gTo cook my food
  • Toaks Titanium 550mL Pot100 gTo cook my food in and eat out of
  • Sawyer Mini Water Filter48 gTo filter water
  • Platypus Water Bottle 2L39 gTo hold my unfiltered water (will need another for the desert)
  • SmartWater Bottle 700mL34 gTo hold my clean/filtered water
  • Fuel Canister 100g210 gTo cook my food
  • Seat to Summit Collapsable Cup44 gTo drink and eat out of
  • Cooking Cloth15 gTo hold and clean my cooking items
  • Pot cozy5 gTo hold my hot pot (saves fuel)
  • Empty Peanut Butter Jar47 gTo use for Protein Shake (I'm Vegetarian - need it)


  • Isreali Bandage
    66 gEmergency Sterile Bandage
  • Neosporin16 gAntiseptic Ointment
  • Razor10 gDisposable
  • First Aid Kit20 gCotton tips, safety pins, needle, gauze, antiseptic swab, bandage
  • Ear plugs0 gSleeping
  • Bandaids36 gBlister Packs
  • Isocol90 gRubbing alcohol (Daily use)
  • Soap8 gPocket Soap 50 leaves
  • ToothBrush7 gHandle removed
  • Tooth Paste24 gMini Colgate
  • Tweezers8 gObvious
  • Seasponges6 gTwo Medium
  • Dental Flossers51 gBack teeth Braces - Can't use normal floss
  • Scissors10 gFirst aid
  • Wipes8 g7 Dehydrated wipes (week supply)
  • Hair Ties4 gLightweight pack 50
  • Corn Protector11 gToe Gels
  • Nail Clippers20 gObvious
  • Amolin19 gLip Balm, Moisturiser, Rash cream, Chafing, Dry Skin
  • Zinc23 gSun block SPF 50+
  • K-tape17 gStrapping

- Gx 


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