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Pacific Crest Trail
What? Where? When? Why?
I can hear the questions already. Why not? I believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes things don't require an explanation right now. The PCT calls for different reasons for each individual. I like a challenge. I love the outdoors. I love to travel. I love to explore. And more than anything, I'm on a new journey. This is just an extreme start.

Forrester Pass (Sierras)
The PCT 2017 has been absolutely snow packed, so us Southbounders (SOBO) crew are having to push start dates back, meaning we have to up our mileage by roughly 2 - 3 weeks to make it through the Sierra's in California around the first week of October, so as to avoid the early bad weather turn that happens pre-winter. Because of the El Ninõ year, snow is still heavily packed through Washington and we are currently waiting for the melt off so we can hit the trail as soon as possible. My start date leaving from Harts Pass in July 12th, heading north to touch the Canadian border Terminus/Monument, then turning back and heading south. There is no legal way to enter the PCT from Canada. You can exit into Canada, but you cannot re-enter. Therefore, the closest entry point is Harts Pass, walking an extra 31 miles north, but hopefully worth it to touch that border, making it a true Thru Hike.

2017 Snow pack

Due to my incredibly specific (some might say frustrating) dietary requirements, I will be sending all of my resupply packages to the trail with all my food and supplements. Most people these days choose to resupply along the way, at gas stations, or hitching into towns to food stores, but my dietary requirements are not a priority at gas stations and convenience stores along the trail. Picnic bars and pop tarts are a devil to my health at the moment. So that idea is out the door.

However, my next challenge lies in the fact that I'm from Australia and have no one in the USA to handle sending my boxes to the trail (they can only be held for a month in advance). Yes, as most of you know, my brother is at the Houston Ballet HB2 company, but he's not a reliable source. He won't be following my trek the whole time because he will be on performance and rehearsal schedule. Generally, you are in need of someone who is up-to-date on your whereabouts, can do your shopping and send to the trail by the date you require. That's definitely not my little bro's current situation. So, I'm capable of packing 4 or 5 boxes when I arrive in Seattle, and sending them to all my resupply locations, but from then onwards, I'm a little screwed. However, I've chosen to use the resupply company called Zero Day Resupply who will resupply me from there until the Mexican border. Hopefully, they will be able to stock some of the food that I require.

So that's a little basis of where the journey starts and how a little section of it will pan out. A lot cannot be planned for, but there's a lot I need to be prepared for. A gear list will be uploaded in my next post. There's many things this trail will present; the elements, wildlife, wilderness. Everything that is unpredictable. Sometimes we cannot control everything in life, can we?



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