Karloo Track, NSW Australia

Panorama of the Karloo Pools
Starting at Heathcote Railway Station, south of Sydney, the 5.6km return Karloo track makes its way to the Karloo Pools in roughly 3 hours. I did this hike in late October roughly 2.15 hours with a stop at Karloo Pools to have a quick bite and set back on foot.

Early stages of the Karloo track

It's a moderate level hike, however the return hike is definitely filled with short steep hills. I really enjoyed the terrain and setting of the track. It's well formed and quite a common area for people to take a daily hike.

There were a bunch of people and families down at the water, sun baking, enjoying their lunch, taking a swim etc. Aside from the main directional sign at the entrance point, the track doesn't have any signage throughout. It's quite easy to stick to the main track, as it is worn and obviously a popular track.

No fencing on cliff edges
Karloo Pools

There are some cliffs without barriers or fencing, so something families with children should be aware of. The Karloo Track is definitely a track that could be done alone. I passed at least 10 solo, couples and groups of trekkers throughout the return hike, so it would be safely done during daylight as a solo hike.

Early terrain Karloo Track

I would recommend a decent pair of hiking boots with grip, as there are several rocks and branches that are used to stand on to get both up and down the track. It's a definite hike that I will be back one, but next time, I will take my swimwear and cool off between! It was a gorgeous green sample of the Royal National Park.



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