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Day 18 - Campsite 400.8km to Snoqualmie Pass

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After yesterday's incredible hike, it would've been hard to top it, but for some reason, I'm on a roll. 

I woke to this spectacular sunrise which reflected its beauty off Mt Rainier. It really is a monster of a mountain and I'm obsessed with it. I just stop and stare. It forces me to pause and breathe the air around me. And then I can't control my smile. It's as if I actually have trouble believing I am standing right there at that moment. In a world where we are building towers, escalators and elevators to get us to spectacular views, outlooks or revolving restaurants, I'm seeing it from higher! I've actually walked and climbed higher than that is even possible. My legs, will power and mind have got me to this point. How incredible my body really is. Grateful.

The morning took me immediately around Joe Lake with a beautiful morning sunshine. It was still a little upclimb, but my hiker legs are alive. She's getting there, day by day. 

The views were a little outrageous today. Every cornered switch back had something new to look at. A Valley, a new rock wall, a new lake. It was just an array of terrain. Washington has really delivered in this last section and it definitely has been one of my favourites! 

I actually got to walk the Kendall catwalk today! My phone was a little dusty at this point, so the camera almost looks like I'm in the desert! But it delivered. A 360 of 5 different terrains. Trees, red rock, snow peaks, grey stone and rock avalanches. All in the space of one big dome. It was thrilling. A lot of day hikers hike this section, so there were many people passing by!

Coming over the ridge, I looked down below! ARGH! Civilisation!! I could see my shower for the night! I knew it was all on a decline from here, so it was going to be an easy trail jog towards Snoqualmie. As I had pulled out the big 35kms yesterday, I only had to do about 16kms today! Easy! I left camp around 7:15am and arrived in Snoqualmie around 11:30am. How's that for timing! 

The rest of the day was filled with big catch ups with the family and laying low. Of course, first things first, the shower was calling my name! That was a lengthy scrub session and double hair wash. 

I had a good conversation with mum today about that, actually. The importance of keeping up femininity out here. I can see how easy it could be for a girl just to not care and not worry about any feminine attributes. You go girl! But for me, it's a little different. I've always prided myself in, yes, being the Tom boy surrounded by all the brothers and proving that girls can do guy things too! However, I tend to do all those activities with brushed hair, long nails, diamonte earrings, rings on my fingers and generally wearing pink. I love being girly and doing boyish activities. I've always kept that juxtaposition within myself, and maybe it was because I had so many brothers around me. I could've easily worn their hand-me-downs but I never did. I thank my parents for that. My sister-in-law used to donate her clothes to me. Without her wardrobe clean up, we couldn't have afforded the awesome clothes she gave me. I like having people not expect me to do the things I do because of the way I look. I'll take that and wear that badge. Don't ever judge a book by its cover. However, sometimes it's great to keep people guessing. 

So of course, straight to the gas station, razor bought. Straight to the Inn shower. Hair washed, soaped until the cake completely wore down, cleaned the nails and shaved the legs and armpits. Essential check list!

New shoes have arrived (thank you mum and dad!) and I have been wearing them around a bit today. Dealing with some nasty blisters that have turned a bit funky, and now currently hitting the pillow. Body is feeling pretty ok. I'll hit the trail tomorrow sometime after a package is delivered and then another few days to the next stop. 

Snoqualmie isn't as pretty as the other towns. It's more hiker friendly for stocking items, but it's on a highway and misses the 'heart' of the smaller towns. I like those places. I feel like every town I have visited so far has taken a bit of my heart with it and to the PCT it shall travel with me. 

- Gx


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