Sleeping with butterflies

ZERO DAY - Skykomish

Ideally an uneventful day. That's what I wanted. I awoke around 8:30 (strangely the body tried 5:30, I told it to grow up and go back to sleep). Started the day with essential laundry. Keyword ESSENTIAL. Along with the beloved shower, laundromat is a hikers best friend. Get yo ass quickly to that part of town and start washing! Do not skip the detergent.

Skykomish is beautiful. A gorgeous river running right through the town. Another winner of a little town. I love it. Strange how I love the little things in life. I think I've always been this way. The small town girl who has the big city goals. It doesn't really go hand in hand, but maybe balance is what I require.

The morning consisted of errands; mainly picking up resupply postage boxes and shipping out the ice axe and crampons. I hope to god I do not require them in the next section, but in other news, I dropped 4lbs of back pack weight by shipping them to Houston! Hooray for less weight. 

Town day/zero day consisted of a lot of catch up. Sorting out shoe issues (I ordered a new pair, higher arch support and a bigger size, however they are incredibly small!!) so that took priority for a bit. The knee is also not great. So after all of this morning postage errands and laundry, I retreated to my room around 1pm and bathed. I may have bathed for 3 hours. Epsom salts and hot water. I've kept off the leg all after noon and I'm hoping for a better result in the morning. She's fine once she is warmed and moving, but definite tweak when cold! 

So I unpacked my resupplies, loaded them into the bear canister, washed my hair again, because.... well just because I can, sorted out my pack rubbish and medical kit, started up a fundraiser for the 'Too Many Pricks' association allowing my walk to raise funds and awareness for people living with Diabetes. The link if you would like to donate! Every cent counts and I would be much appreciative! (

I bathed the knee again and now I'm in bed. Absolutely uneventful. Just the way I planned. Tomorrow, I attempt to head to the trail again. Hoping the knee will improve rapidly over night. 

I feel different this time in regards to heading back out on trail. I want to actually get back out there. I want this knee to be ok. I don't feel ill or uneasy about returning to the woods. This knee would be holding me back. Am I feeling better with the world out there on the PCT? Am I actually enjoying the surroundings and everything the PCT has to offer? I think I'd like to go back and sleep with those butterflies. Actually, mosquitoes and biting flies at the moment, but every time I walk with the butterflies around me, it's as if they are representing all the wonderful people on this journey with me. I'd like to go back there.

- Gx


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