My final night in Australia. It's been one crazy busy day, running around like a complete headless chook trying to stock up on everything last minute; and when you think of one thing, for some reason, it triggers another thought of something else you need. It's like chasing your own tail. My life has significantly been reduced down to a backpack, 2 shirts, 2 pants, a tent, mattress, sleeping bag and all the other goodies that will get me through these next 6 months. A bit different to touring with 6 suitcases of luggage, makeup, juicers, blenders, humidifiers and nonstick frypans. It immediately puts that into perspective.

My 2017 SOBO PCT Gear

It feels strange. I feel strange. I feel sad, yet excited. I feel terrified, yet ecstatic. I feel overwhelmed with unpreparedness, yet thrilled at the thought of purely have no real plan. I'm a little mixed right now - maybe because I am purely exhausted and have to be up in 3 hours. I can feel myself despising me in 3 hours. Or maybe it's actually because I will miss my parents tremendously. This must be terrifying for them. But I'll continue to say it "Mum said it was a great idea"! Ha!

I ordered almost 14 boxes of food resupplies this evening. I used amazon and will pick it up from the guys house I am staying at these next few days. I have met a couple of people online who I will be starting the trek out with. Safety in numbers at this stage with the snow pack and everything that has been forced upon us this year. So that will be exciting to meet some new faces.

I should really sleep - at least try to. Once I get that pack on my back, that means shit is about to get real. That's scary! I remember my last few long distance hikes; the pre-excitement, the anxious joy. This seriously feels different. This is not just a long distance hike. It's a thru-hike. It's an epic journey. Maybe I'm only just realising how unbelievably outrageous this really is. But still, nothing is stopping me. I might feel a little overwhelmed, but that's never stopped me in anything before. Why now?

On that note, see you on the other side. :)

- Gx


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