Sometimes things don't come full circle

So I'm meant to be up in 4 hours for a mountaineering course, but my head has been bagging my resupplies and trying to work out everything I require before leaving on Wednesday. So I'm here with resupply-brain, but my head has been circling around the concept of what brings us to these moments in life. Whatever journey that may be for us all; what actually lead us to make these choices?

I believe in the universe. I believe there are signs and that everything happens for a reason - however big or small it may be. Maybe terrible things happen to us to push us in a different direction, or to make us see the bigger picture? Or maybe weird and wonderful things happen to us for all the wrong reasons? Maybe it's good karma or bad karma? Either way, when things happen to me, I strongly believe it's the universe pushing me in a direction where I am meant to be. 

Here's my story over the last week. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

During my last week in Australia, I was trying to watch as much of one of my current favourite Canadian drama, so I decided to backtrack on an episode from last year. I am a sucker for great music and this show has a soundtrack to die for! Anyways, don't get me started on music; you'll be here forever. 

The final song of the episode caught my ear and I 'shazamed' it and added it to my playlist. A song called 'Arcadia'. I quickly became obsessed and was playing it on repeat. Driving into the dentist on Friday, the song was playing in my car and I was recognising the vowels wondering where the singer was from. I looked it up and saw he's a Brisbane based DJ song writer by the name of 'The Kite String Tangle'. How fab! A Queenslander representing in one of my favourite Canadian dramas. How weird for me to pick that up!

Anyways. I keep driving another 5 minutes, song still playing, me still singing and look to my right. The word 'ARCADIA' written on a building wall. That's weird. I stare at it whilst at the red lights thinking 'I've driven this road for almost 10 years and have NEVER seen that word written there!'

I head further into the city. About another 5 minutes. Song still on repeat. Me still singing (what's new?) and I look to my right... A poster advertising 'The Kite String Tangle' playing in Sydney in September. SERIOUSLY! WTF?!

So that was clearly the weirdest day on earth. I joked about it with one of my besties and my mum. We thought it was hilariously creepy. I still play the song on repeat. There's something about it that I truly resonate with, but I hadn't quite figured it out yet.

When I flew in to Seattle yesterday, I had the song playing whilst I trekked my way from the airport to my new hiker friends house. I was a little early and sat in a park where people borrow books from a communal library box and read in the sun. It was a gorgeous day. When the time came, I picked up my rucksack and went on my merry way to the apartment block. I look up the number to check I am at the right place. I go to enter... but before I do, I look up. 

I kid you not.

Arcadia: an image or idea of life in the countryside that is believed to be perfect.
A vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature.
An idylistic vision of unspoiled wilderness.

The universe strikes again. Don't underestimate her. She's powerful. I'll keep following her. 

- Gx


  1. Hi Gretel
    I've been following your journey since I read about it a few days ago. Subscribed to your blog and I'm loving the updates.
    Your Arcadia story is great. We are bombarded with so much information each day that we filter most of the sound and images out. It makes sense that once you discovered the song and how much you like it that you'd naturally remove the 'arcadia filter' and start seeing that stuff. The brain is truly amazing.
    I've found that blogging daily also encourages my brain to notice the world around me differently and join the dots (of what I see, hear, learn and experience) in a way I wouldn't ordinarily.
    The way you dive into each new adventure is bold and inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us so generously along the way.


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